For Bastards Only
New rags for all The glorious bastards in this world!!

Bastard is the definition given to a child born from father and mother that are not married, according to the original meaning of this word. Nothing more. All other adjectives associated with this term, such as degenerated, inferior, insignificant, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person are ignorant and vulgar associations based on prejudices and Orthodox rules. I am a bastard and I know how emotionally and socially this simple fact can transform and greatly hinder our journey. Starting life with this label on the forehead, even before leaving the mother's womb definitely don't make life funnier. We have to be more courageous, work harder, be stronger and believe more to get where our dreams are. Every family on this planet has a bastard member, so I am creating this brand to represent, promote and extol all the glorious bastards, bastard's brothers, sons of bastards, mothers of bastards out there. We are many! And we're awesome!

"God and the Devil guide me, no one else!
everyone's had a father, everyone's had a mother;
but I, who never begin or end,
was born of the love between God and the Devil."

José Régio (1901-1969)