This space is for sharing new experiences and old stories.... I'm still working on it but first I need to get this site up and running. I had no clue of how much work is involved on creating a website. Work and money. It takes tons of time and dedication from me and my partner in crime Vinny Campos, from Studio Lhama. We cannot see the end of it, photos that I love but cannot find, deciding what goes in and what stays out, let alone the grammar issues, it seems that there is always something to correct. But if I decide to wait for perfection I will never have it ready. So, f*** of and lets rock with what we have. Hope you like it! Histories. Tips. News and much more will be next step - soon, here on my blog "Insight-Ouch". No matter who gets hurt, no matter who wins! Stay tuned. Peace. 

Coming soon