I'm a glorious F ** king bastard, right mom ?!

A Bastard daughter, part of a hybrid family, had a mother who was "fooling around" and ended up pregnant from another guy and soon after I was born she left me with her husband, my "adoptive father", because she decided she wanted to enjoy her life. She had 2 legit children with him and then me. Between comings and goings I spent most of the time with my adoptive father and his new wife, who had two more kids, a girl and a boy.


All together (including Mom) we formed one crazy family a little twisted but with some bizarre harmony, I think because we never lacked of love.

My adoptive father with all the upside downs in our relationship accomplished to share some of the most solid values in life that I carry with me to this day, which only a real father is able to do. One day I asked him to give me some "nike air max". Everyone had it so I also wanted some. He replied, "Do you want nike air max? Get a job go to work, make some money and purchase them because without work you will only have a Kichute. "(it was a mix of  Sneaker and cleats very popular, produced in Brazil since the late 1970 for the less wealthy class. Today Kichute is very stylish, worth it to say the least)

I got the message. Went out and got my first job in a hardware sports store called Procopio, I was 12 years old. My restless nature and disturbing family history made me run away from home at age 13 and start my journey in life alone with my own two legs. I never looked back. I started to work and follow my dreams too soon. I made my own mistakes, indulged in drugs and remedies, I risked my life many times, went through two marriages, lived in several countries, lived crazy adventures and have two amazing daughters (yes, they are the best of me).

There were many mistakes and many successes on this journey, but I don't regret anything, I would not change a thing, not even a comma because I know I made all the decisions with my heart and the result of it all made me who I am today.

I am very grateful for everything, God and all my friends and family, the support that never failed me and the opportunity to always be able to start again, and do and be happy. It is all that matters.

I have lots of stories to tell, but I won’t detail them here.
I will tell more on my blog Inside-Ouch here on my website. Stay tuned!!!